Registration Guide

The registration fee includes publication fee and participation fee, please choose the proper item for you and complete the registration before due date.

(August 10, 2021)
for On-site Presentation
for On-line Presentation
1 Author (Null) US$ 450 US$ 500 US$ 420
2 Author (Student) US$ 400 US$ 450 US$ 370
3 Author (Committees/Reviewer) US$ 430 US$ 480 US$ 400
4 Presenter (Presentation only) US$ 350 US$ 380 US$ 300
5 Listener US$ 300 US$ 300 US$ 200
6 Additional Paper US$ 320 US$ 320 US$ 320
7 Additional Page US$ 70 US$ 70 US$ 70
8 One day Tour US$ 120 US$ 120 --

Following rules must be applied: 

⭐ Registrations without payment are not valid.
⭐ At least one author MUST register paying authors' registration fee in order for their paper to be considered for presentation and included in the conference proceedings. 
⭐ Author registration includes the presentation of one paper. 
⭐ Additional (up to 2) presentations by the same author imply an extra cost per paper/presentation. The special reduce fee for authors is applicable only once per accepted submission.
One regular registration is within EIGHT Pages for publication in Proceedings, including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.
⭐ Student fee for an author is applicable, if the paper was solely written by students not older than 30 years. A confirmation about the student status and the age of all authors from the university is necessary.  A student ID card is necessary.
⭐ If you cannot attend the meeting due to the epidemic situation, you can participate in the web conference session or video conference session, etc, and enjoy 50USD discount based on the regular registration fee.


If the participants request cancellation and refund due to personal reasons, the following refund policy applies.
* 60 days ahead of the conference: 70% of payment refund
* 30-60 days ahead of the conference: 50% of payment refund
* Within 30 days ahead of the conference: no refund
Cancellation and refund request must be made formally via email
* The organizing committees reserves the right to change the dates and place of the conference due to force majeure. 
* The losses thus incurred from the force majeure events shall not be liabled and refunds policy shall not apply as well.

Property Safety

For your property safety, please take good care of your belongings, and valuables should be depositted to the front desk during the conference. If things lost, the conference organizer shall not be responsible for yours!

Register as Listener

You're  simply required to fill out the Registration form for Listeners and send it to us via email before the registration deadline. We'll contact you after we review the form.

Register as Presenter (for abstract)

You need to submit the abstract of your paper to us before submission deadline. The conference committee will perform a brief review, and you'll be granted the chance to present your paper if it passes the review. And for this registration category abstract would not be published. If publication is required, full paper needs to submitted before submission deadline and accepted reviewed full paper will be considered for publication after registration.

Register as  Author (for full paper)
You need to submit your full paper to us before submission deadline, which will enter the preliminary review and peer review system. And you'll be informed of the review status of your paper by the notification date. Then your paper will be published into the conference proceedings/journal if accepted, plus you'll be entitled to present your paper at the conference as well.